All American Showcase
All American Showcase 06/30/2022 - 06/30/2022
Franklin, WI

Registration is currently open for the following divisions:

  • Two Way
  • Position Only
  • Pitcher Only
  • OPEN

Your Athlete will receive a Blast Motion data player assessment report, Realplay Video as well as Rapsodo Data! These metrics, videos and numbers will be placed into their own Rock Sports Group profile and will be sent out to universities of their desire!! Our goal is to help your athlete get to the next level!! Rock Showcase employees will send out the profile to the athlete's desired school!  CLICK HERE for information on Blast Motion and their metrics. CLICK HERE to see examples of Realplay videos!! 

Schools Attending

  • University of Illinois
  • St. Louis University
  • Illinois State University
  • Eastern Illinois University 
  • Northern Illinois University 
  • Valparaiso University 


Showcase Day

Position players

  • Receive Showcase t shirt with number 
  • Run 60 
  • Defense at either outfield or infield  
  • Catchers will do Pop Times and Catch Bullpens
  • Take Batting Practice 
    • Blast Motion sensor will be on bat during BP

Pitcher Only

  • Receive Showcase t shirt with number 
  • Throw Bullpen/Live

Two Way

  • Receive Showcase t-shirt with number 
  • Run 60 
  • Defense at either outfield or infield  
  • Catchers will do Pop times and Catch Bullpens
  • Throw Bullpen/Live 
  • Take Batting Practice
    • Blast Motion sensor will be on bat during BP

What is Blast Motion? 

  •  Blast Motion is a swing analyzer players attach to the knob of their bat that captures metrics and provides insights using a connected app on your phone.  
  •  Player Development:
  • Every player receives their own FREE 30 day account.
  • Every player account can be accessed on the players phone and will educate the player about the metrics in addition to different hitting drills to improve their swing.
  • The Blast solution collects and presents objective information, helping coaches and athletes transform data into improvement insights.
  • Capture and analyze details of every hit with simple stats and graphs. Set goals and monitor progress over time to identify performance trends and areas for improvement.
  • Click link to learn about Blast Key Metrics


Collegiate Recruiting:

  • Blast is utilized at the majority of U.S. showcases and college camps to evaluate and rank players
  • Take and send video of your swing with Blast Data on the screen for college coaches
  • Blast Connect offers college coaches comprehensive team data, a rich set of player analytics, reporting, video, and historical insights.
  • This information offers a more complete and objective view of each athlete's hitting potential, giving college coaches the ability to find recruits quicker and qualify their roster selections with objective information.

 The Best Use Blast:

  • 75% of MLB Teams that made the playoffs in 2021
  • 3/5 of the last World Series Champions
  • PBR, Area Code, and Cape Cod Baseball League
  • Over 600 College Programs

  • Two Way OPEN  - $250.00
  • Position Only OPEN  - $200.00
  • Pitcher Only OPEN  - $150.00